What We Offer

Sustainable Farming, Trusted Provenance, Prudent Investment, Farm Asset Tokenization & Adoption

Sustainable Principles
Ensuring sustainable farming principles, promoting ecological processes, water conservation and soil fertility
Smart Farming
IOT-enabled Smart Farming, improving Production Yield and Product Quality
Fair Price
Guaranteeing Fair Price for yield, empowering farmers to be better stewards of their land
Trading Exchange
Provenance feeds to Commodity Exchanges and for Microfinancing
Precision Assessment
Enables Assessment based on inclusive samples and precision information captured from IOT devices
Sustainability Audit
Sustainability Audit by reputed Auditors and driven by intelligent Audit apps, smart contracts and IOT metrics
Transparent Audit
Audit based on standardized parameters, audit trail, exception reports visible to all
Safe Consumption
Ensuring Safe Consumption by facilitating identification of fraudulent products
Trusted Provenance
Immutable, Trusted Provenance of specialized product or processing metrics
Farm Adoption
Collaborative Platform for Farm Asset Tokenization & Asset Adoption Process

Why TruVito?

We are committed towards United Nations sustainability goals and building transparency, trust and use Blockchain for Good

Stakeholder Proposition

Farm Asset Tokenization
Asset Lifecycle Mgt
Guided Farm Listing
KYC & Consent Module
Farm Provenance
Adoption / Ownership Mgt
Audit Approval Flow
Intelligent Auditing
Auditor Certification
Blockchain Analytics Explorer
IOT Device Management
Telemetry Dashboard
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The TruVito App

QlikTrust is now TruVito

  • Producer

    Uploading Provenance and Sustainability Information, Tracking Batch-wise Production, Farm Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Auditor

    Dashboard and Detailed View of Auditable Data, Approval / Rejection Workflow of viewed data, Certificate Generation, Audit Followup / clarification process workflow

  • Consumer

    QR code scanning via Consumer app to view provenance data, Farm Asset Selection and Adoption, Integrated payment for adopting asset

  • Investor

    Dashboard View of Historical Farm Data for Sustainability, Yield & Logistics

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